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How to Change Email Id Password July 24, 2015

How to Change Email id Password

Here, I am going to explain about how to change email password and to retrieve password or how to logon to your account when you lost password.
Many of them were not having any clear idea about those topics.Read our article to improve knowledge and follow the procedures to finish your tasks.

Change Gmail Password, How to Change Gmail Password

Recommended Method for How to Change Email Id Password

When you forgot you email password, just click on “Forgot Password”
Generally, they’ll be asking your mobile phone number to send a verification code or a security question to verify you (which you’ve filled answers when signing up your process).
Use any of the procedure to recover your password or verify it to logon.

How to Change Gmail ID Password

I’ll explain the process of how to Change Gmail Password. So, with that process you can locate any other email id to change it’s password using the following procedure.
> Go and logon to your account.
> Then, look on settings option located on top right.
> Observe the below figure, and the options which are going to unveil after going to settings page.
> So, observe “Accounts and Import” option to change your password or recovery options and many more. Click on what you want to change.
> After clicking on “Change Password” ,it’ll redirect to another page to proceed your task.So, just logon again to change password.
> Just fill New Password and confirm it in another box. Finally, click on “Change Password” button to finish the task.

I hope you get some idea about how to change your email id password with example of Change Gmail Password

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