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During the most recent Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed that they were working on a remake of Super Mario RPG for the Switch. Fans were no doubt happy to see this remake announced, but now we know that a major team member from the original game is not returning for this project.

Chihiro Fujioka was the director of Super Mario RPG when it released on the Super Nintendo all the way back in 1996. Unfortunately, Fujioka will not be returning to handle Super Mario RPG on Switch. As a matter of fact, it sounds like Fujioka didn’t even know the project was in the works.

When a fan asked Fujioka on Twitter if he’d be returning for this remake, Fujioka responded by saying he wasn’t involved, but he was “very surprised and pleased” to see that the project was in the works.

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15h ago

How much is Square Enix even involved in this remake? Not that I think their involvement is absolutely necessary, but it's something I was curious about.


5h ago

I'm pretty sure Nintendo will ensure the game has the charm of the original. Muh Shigeru Miyamoto will still be the general producer. :3