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NEKO-NIN exHeart, a romantic visual novel is coming to Switch in 2023. Sekai Project has announced that the Whirlpool developed game will not only come with Interface and U.I. updates but that the rest of the NEKO-NIN series will also come to the platform at a later date.

Below is a summary of the game from it’s Steam page.

Japan. From time immemorial, there are those who possess superhuman abilities. These beings who looked like a cross between man and beast are called Demi-Humans. They acted as Ninja and served those in power.

And so time passes to present day—.

“We have come from the Fuuma Village to fulfill an ancient contract. To serve you! Nin~.”

Yura and Tama. These ninja cats made their dynamic entrance. These cats approached our hero with their loving aura in full bloom. Their adorability and will causes our hero to be taken by them.

But how will he support them? How on earth do you use ninja in this day and age? As he ponders this question, the sense of being a master begins to sprout in our hero when he interacts with these lovely cats.

But who is spying on them from the shadows…?

A heartfelt tale of cat ninjas who won’t shut up about loyalty. With a bit of action thrown in the mix.

[NEKO-NIN exHeart Steam Page]


At Anime Expo Sekai Project announced that they will releases the illuCalab developed Metroid-vania ‘Alice Escaped!’ to Switch in the Third quarter of 2023. The game is currently in Quality Assurance testing, we will keep you updated when an exact release date is announced.

Below is a summary of the game from it’s Steam page.


Alice Escaped! is an exploratory 2D action Metroidvania. Follow the adventures of Usada and Kotora, who have wandered into a strange wonderland of grimoires and must chase after a mysterious girl named Alice in order to return to their own world.

What awaits them in this mysterious world are strange yet familiar characters, such as Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, and Humpty Dumpty. Are they friends or foes? And why does the white rabbit Usamura have a zipper on his back?

And who exactly is this enigmatic girl hiding Alice in the deepest part of the world? Why is everyone trapped here, and— Well, you’ll have to play it to find out the rest!

A Stylish, Tag-Team Battle System

Swing Usada’s giant hammer to pulverize your enemies with powerful melee attacks, or use Kotora’s submachine gun and bombs to take out enemies froma distance. Switch between the two to chain impressive combos!

Taking out enemies builds up your Chance Gauge, which can be used to perform supporting attacks and devastating ultimate attacks. (Feature not included in the demo.)

The intensity builds in boss fights: whittle down their Shield Gauge to break their shields, letting you unleash a flurry of attacks. But beware: they’ve got a variety of powerful attacks to hit you back!


Usada and Kotora – Two friendly girls who have wandered into a mysterious world

Usamura-san – A strange rabbit with a zipper on his back.

Cheshire Cat – A cryptic feline who appears before Usada and Kotora and enjoys testing her skills against them. Perhaps she has another goal aside from just getting in their way…?


One summer’s day, Usada and Kotora go to the library to do their homework. While Kotora takes her studies seriously, Usada has her head in the clouds. She wanders over to a bookshed deep inside, returning with a big, thick book.

“I found this interesting-looking book!”

Kotora looks back at her quizzically. Suddenly, a slip of paper falls out from the book. The letter reads:

“Find Alice.”

As soon as they read the words, the two are enveloped in a blinding light.

Key Features

  • Character illustrations by the talented PicPicGram (Ninja Girl, Japanese School Life) (Ninja Girl, Japanese School Life).
  • Developed by illuCalab (A Magical High School Girl).
  • Two playable characters.
  • Two difficulties to choose from.
[Alice Escaped! Steam Page]


Game Informer have posted a new Interview with NetherRealm Studio’s Ed Boon to discuss Mortal Kombat 1 and how classic characters are being revamped in the new/old entry.

You can check out the full interview above.

Earlier this month it was announced that Original Stitch, the company behind the premium ‘Pokémon Shirts’ design line would be shutting it’s doors. Typically, this would mean that all the companies works with Pokémon would be lost to time but thanks to some dedicated fans that didn’t happen.

In the above Tweet thread Archivist Lewtwo describes the process they and their team underwent to preserve all materials related to Original Stitch in just 6 hours.

This not only includes all of the shirt designs but also special promotional materials, we suggest checking the full Twitter thread to get a sense of the scale of all materials preserved.

If you want to see/download the designs yourself you can check out the Link to the archive down below and maybe consider supporting the team that works hard to keep all this information readily available.


A new shoot ‘em up originally released on Apple Arcade called Air Twister is making it’s way to Switch November 10th from the developers at YS NET. You can watch the full trailer above and read an overview of the game below.


Soar through the sky battling against invaders in this all-new fantasy endless shooter from legendary game creator, Yu Suzuki. Players will assume the role of Princess Arch fighting back against bizarre invaders to save their planet from destruction. They’ll rain down their homing arrows to trace graceful arcs of light across beautiful, artfully crafted stages, before they pierce their foes. With a fun and easy touchscreen swipe-shooting gameplay mechanic, the destiny of the planet is in the player’s hands.

Key Features

  • Find something new every time you play in each of the 12 stages!
  • Over 20 different creatures of the Vanguard will thwart your way and 10 unique bosses await your challenge at the end of the worlds!
  • Collect Stars to power up your Princess and unlock new game modes!
  • Simple touch controls make play fun and easy! Or connect a gamepad for an arcade-like experience!
  • Shoot for the top and compete in score and ranking categories with players all around the world!
[Apple Arcade]

While Japan will receive physical and limited editions of the game it is unknown if there are any plans for a physical western release, we will keep you updated if any announcements are made.


This July, we’re welcoming white, yellow, and red frangipanis into Pikmin Bloom! Just the sight of these fragrant flowers, and you may find yourself almost feeling a tropical breeze! Enjoy creating beautiful trails when you plant them during your walks this month!

Throughout July, Big Flowers may occasionally bloom into calla lilies, hydrangeas, lilies, roses, frangipanis, or sunflowers when you plant regular red, yellow, white, or blue petals around them.

During July, fruit obtained from tackling mushrooms will give either regular, calla lily, hydrangea, lily, rose, frangipani, or sunflower nectar.

In July, Community Day will be held on the following dates: July 8th and 9th. Details to follow soon.



A report from KFTV states that the upcoming Minecraft movie will begin filming in New Zealand later this year on August 7th. KFTV also provides a brief synopsis on what the movie’s plot will entail.

Minecraft: The Movie, starring Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and Matt Berry, centers on the malevolent Ender Dragon who sets out on a path of destruction, prompting a young girl and her group of unlikely adventurers to set out to save the Overworld.


The Minecraft movie is currently slated for release on April 4th, 2025. We will keep you updated on any new information as it becomes relevant.


Ever since the Super Mario RPG remake trailer was announced in the recent Nintendo Direct fans have poured over the footage to try and uncover new details. We reported on a reference to Famicom mascot Diskun that was made more clear due to the game’s cleaned up graphics but we have another reference that was cleared up thanks to one of the original game’s character designers!

As you can see in the Tweet above, Super Mario RPG Character Designer Kurashima Kazuhiro was asked on Twitter by fan @Retro64_ to clear up a reference in the design of the boss Valentina.

Valentina’s odd parrot…hair? hat? has caused some confusion among Mario RPG fans, not just due to the bizarre anatomy but also the bird’s coloration baring a striking resemblance to animal buddy Squawks from the Donkey Kong Country Series.

Kazuhiro made it very clear that yes, this was an intended reference to DK’s feathered friend which shouldn’t be that surprising considering the existence of the Chained Kong enemies.


Kurashima Kazuhiro still has more tidbits about Valentina. Fans have noticed a change to her design in the remake and Kazuhiro has commented on it, and no, we’re not just talking about the reduction of…“physics” in her taking damage animation.

roughly translated the above Tweet from Kazuhiro reads “Margarita I didn’t study enough. . We apologize for the inconvenience. .”

This might seem like a random thing to say but he is actually referring to the Japanese name of Valentina, which is Margarita, and a mistake in the original that is fixed in the remake.

As you can see in the above Tweet from Supper Mario Broth despite being named after the alcoholic beverage of the same name in Japanese, Valentina does not hold a Margarita in her original artwork.

Kazuhiro’s comments seems to imply he was not aware that margaritas are typically served with lime wedges rather than cherries so her design was updated to have the name make more sense for Japanese audiences.

Who knows what other secrets from the original game will come to light now that the remake is on the way.


Super Smash Character Reviews: Banjo and Kazooie

Do Bear and Bird Battle Brilliantly?

20 June 2023
by jmaldonado 0

Welcome back to GoNintendo’s Smash Character review series. in today’s episode we will be jumping all the way up to one of the more recent inclusions to the lineup in honor of their 25th anniversary, Banjo and Kazooie!

To say this bear and bird duo hold a special place in many a Nintendo fan’s heart would be an understatement, as their original outing is still fondly remembered by players to this day, and it was a crucial building block in creating RARE’s undeniable legacy.

It’s been a longtime coming for these icons to throw their proverbial hats into the ring, as many have been asking for the duo’s appearance since the very first installment. That’s not hyperbole; there was actually a poll on the Japanese Smash 64 website that asked players who’d they want to see in a hypothetical Smash Bros. sequel and the pair were the second most requested RARE creation behind the GoldenEye 007 version of James Bond.

In the years following, RARE were seeking to be bought by Nintendo, but the Big N decided not to pursue, leaving Microsoft to snatch them. Since then, many have felt Banjo and Kazooie’s chances for a Smash appearance were impossible even though third party characters were introduced with Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Thankfully, those same fans kept asking for the pair’s appearance, and the stars eventually aligned with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Unlike the past two characters we’ve covered Banjo and Kazooie were made from the ground up for Ultimate. This lets us see how Smash’s character design conventions have both changed and stayed the same. Once again, we recommend you checking out the first installment in our series for a full breakdown on how things work.


Right now the IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) conference is going down in Singapore. This conference is a place for theme park ride manufacturers to show of their latest tech in hopes of landing deals with companies or to show off what projects they are currently working on. Basically, Theme Park E3.

Chris Nilghe of TDRExplorer (A Japanese theme park blog) posted the below tweet showing off a ride vehicle for an unannounced new trackless dark-ride created by Sansei Technologies, a company that has worked with both Universal Studios and Disney in the past.

While the vehicle itself is very generic, Chris speculates this was intentionally done to keep the theme of the ride a secret. Chris then goes on to speculate that this might be the vehicle for a rumored Pokémon replacement for Universal Studios Japan’s Spider-Man ride.

While that may seem out of nowhere, Pokémon replacing Spider-Man at Universal Japan has been a rumor circulating in the theme park community for a while now though it was unknown if the plans fell through or not.

We do know that Universal Japan are collaborating with the Pokémon company to create “entertainment projects to immerse you in the world of Pokémon” and it would make sense that a Pokémon ride would be one of these collaborations.

Considering how big Pokémon is, especially in it’s home country of Japan, t’s not that surprising that USJ would want to get Pikachu and pals into a ride as soon as possible.

This is again, just speculation based on rumors so take everything here with a Garganacl-sized piece of salt. And even if it is true, it doesn’t necessarily mean this specific ride will make it’s way to the American Universal Parks

In case you weren’t aware, McDonald’s teamed up with developers Gumpy Function to release a new Gameboy Color styled game starring Grimace in celebration of his birthday. You can play the game here in a browser or even download the ROM to play on GameBoy emulators or, theoretically, official hardware!

GameXplain have posted an exclusive interview with Tom Lockwood, Game and Level Designer of Grimace’s Birthday, which you can watch above.

Mr. Lockwood reveals interesting details on the game’s development including it being inspired by classic titles like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater or the Kirby series and the game being developed in a 7-week period. Stay tuned to the end and you may find out what Mr. Lockwood’s McDonald’s order is.

Mr. Lockwood also discusses some of his other projects, so if you enjoyed seeing their work on Grimace hopefully you can consider supporting their other endeavors.

You may recall the Final Fantasy racer Chocobo GP releasing to mass ire due to heavy use of microtransactions. Well, it seems Square Enix have recently re-released the game as a full release as opposed to a free to play title.

Now the game is available for $50 and you can check it out on the Nintendo Switch eShop at the link below!

EDIT: To make the story on the game’s original release a bit more clear. While the game did launch with micro transactions and a Battle Pass the game was heavily altered after it’s first season to reduce the focus on these features.

Unfortunately, by the time these changes had been made, the game was out of discussion and many (including myself) we’re unaware these changes had been made.

Also the “free-to-play” version of the game mentioned earlier was more accurately a stripped down Demo of the proper game.

We apologize for the misunderstanding we may have caused.

Thanks to mirby for the heads up!


Spike Chunsoft have reached out to us via email to inform you that unfortunately the Mysteriful Limited Edition of Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE’s release has been delayed to July 14th in North American Territories.

This only affects the limited edition the standard and digital releases will still release on June 30th. Below is a more detailed explanation from Spike Chunsoft on why the delay has occurred.

Spike Chunsoft, Inc. today announced that orders for its highly anticipated Mysteriful Limited Edition of Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE for Nintendo Switch™ are now expected to be fulfilled by July 14, 2023. This delay only impacts the Mysteriful Limited Edition in North America.

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Standard Edition and digital versions are not affected and will be available on the originally announced June 30, 2023 release date.

This setback is the result of an unanticipated and unavoidable delay encountered during the customs clearance process of the Spirited 6.5” Shinigami plush. This customs issue has now been resolved. The Spike Chunsoft, Inc. team is continuing to work closely with its partners to expedite the release of the Mysteriful Limited Edition.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may cause and express our gratitude for your patience and understanding. We plan to update our official social media channels with the latest information, and we look forward to sharing the exciting news of the product’s release as soon as possible.

[PR Email]
[PR Email]

We reported earlier that Circuit Superstars will finally be releasing on Switch June 21st, 2023. We are also happy to report that a special collaboration DLC with British TV Show Top Gear will also release on the same day!

You can watch the trailer for Top Gear: The Stig Challenge DLC above and read a bit more about the DLC below.

Drivers, we are excited to welcome you to the most playful game mode we’ve made yet: The Top Gear: The Stig Challenge DLC. Inspired by classic moments of the legendary TV show, this expansion invites you to test your skills on a whole new level and laugh a lot while you’re at it!

Available on all platforms this June 21st!

[Circuit Superstars]


Overwatch 2’s next season entitled “Invasion” arrives August 10th and new details have been revealed on the developer blog, check it out below.

There’s a new threat to the world as the invasion of Null Sector begins. The world is thrust into chaos, and it’s up to a new generation of heroes to save the day. Overwatch 2: Invasion brings new Story Missions, an all-new PVP core game mode, new ways to build on your skills with your favorite heroes - and, yes, a new Support hero!

Find out how you can jump into the action with the Overwatch 2: Invasion Ultimate Bundle, earn and collect new Legendary skins, and get a head-start in the upcoming Null Sector-themed Premium Battle Pass.

The rise of Null Sector begins with new Story Missions

In Zero Hour, we saw the rogue Omnic group, Null Sector, invade Paris. It was thanks to Winston, Tracer, Mei, and a handful of other heroes that the city was saved from destruction. However, the global invasion has only just begun.

Null Sector is bringing utter destruction to every city and seems to have an ulterior motive to kidnap Omnics for an unknown purpose. It’s up to the new Overwatch team to find out what their plans are and put a stop to them, but they’ll need help from past allies and new faces alike if they hope to stand a chance.

In Overwatch 2: Invasion, you and your friends can take on three action-packed missions that take place in Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, and Gothenburg—massive maps with complex objectives, and an in-depth storyline that will guide you along the way. You’ll fight against the intensified forces of Null Sector, who will continue to attack until you’ve completely dismantled them. Stay alert for challenging enemies that haven’t been encountered before, such as the powerful Artillery and the deadly Stalkers.

You can get started on your mission to save the world with the Overwatch 2: Invasion Bundle for $15 USD. This bundle includes:

  • Permanent access to the Overwatch 2: Invasion Story Missions
  • 1,000 Overwatch Coins (equal to the Premium Battle Pass, $10 USD value)
  • A brand-new Sojourn Legendary skin ($19 USD value)
  • Permanent access to Sojourn as a playable hero for new players: unlocked upon completing Story Mission challenges.
  • The Overwatch 2: Invasion bundle is intended to give new and veteran players alike the opportunity to explore this brand-new story arc while giving them additional coins to unlock the Premium Battle Pass or to buy cosmetic content for their favorite Hero.

You can also upgrade to the Overwatch 2: Ultimate Invasion Bundle for $40 USD, you will have access to all the above, as well as:

  • The Null Sector Premium Battle Pass with 20 Battle Pass skips ($30 USD value)
  • An additional 1,000 Overwatch Coins, for a total of 2,000 Overwatch Coins ($20 USD value)
  • Two additional Legendary skins for Cassidy and Kiriko ($38 USD value).

All new Co-Op Event

In addition to Story Missions, you’ll be able to take part in a new bonus co-op mission on King’s Row. Explore all-new areas of the King’s Row map as you guide a well-armed TS-1 push bot on a mission to save Iggy and the rest of the Omnic Underworld from Null Sector. You’ll face new objectives, along with new Null Sector enemies that may somehow feel familiar.

Turning up the competition with Flashpoint

Also launching with Overwatch 2: Invasion is Flashpoint: a whole new PVP core game mode available for all players in Quick Play or Competitive Play. This mode will feature two new locales that are Overwatch 2’s biggest PVP maps to date!

Teams will fight for control of key positions across the map called “flashpoints,” aiming to capture three of them before their opponents do. You’ll have no time to relax once a point is captured, as the next one will already be waiting. Not only will this mode test your mechanical skills, but also your ability to plan ahead—stopping opponents from moving on to the next flashpoint will be a huge key to victory.

Offering new ways to master your skills

Finally, we’re introducing a new way to play and practice with your favorite heroes with Hero Mastery mode. These engaging training courses are specifically designed for each select hero, testing your skills with their abilities. Hero Mastery will also feature global leaderboards to showcase the top-performing hero masters across the world. Overwatch 2: Invasion will be launching the first courses for a selection of heroes, with more to come in future seasons.

The Practice Range also gets its first major update this season, with a brand-new firing range to hone your aim with any hero, including dozens of practice settings and multiple targets to choose from.

Both of these updates will be available for all players starting August 10.